My Life Starts Today

Karen's Art 2

That’s an unexpected statement from a woman of forty-six. But then again, Karen’s life has had many unexpected moments.Karen’s struggles began with the accidental death of her teenage son. Unable to deal with the grief, she began a descent into severe depression. Not only was her own life at risk, the lives of her two remaining sons were impacted as well.

Karen's Art 1

I didn’t want to kill myself. I just didn’t care if I lived or died.

Treatment at a psychiatric hospital could only do so much. Karen entered the Acute program at Central to continue her care.

The people at Central did more than change my life – they saved it.

Through group and individual therapy, Karen learned that life doesn’t have to end with the death of a child.

Karen's Art 3

Therapy at Central helped me express myself with my voice. Then the creativity came.

Karen has embarked on a new life, one filled with art and promise. She still returns to Central calling it her “relief valve” for whenever pressure builds.