Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS)

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services are highly individualized mental health interventions that are designed to support a child in his home, school and community.

Central Behavioral Health Brochure – Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

Central’s BHRS staff includes…..

  • Master’s and PH.D level Behavior Specialist Consultants and Mobile Therapists
  • Bachelor’s level Therapeutic Support Staff
  • Child Psychiatrist available for consultation and a psychologist.
  • In-home family therapy for families who have been unable to access traditional services at community counseling centers
  • One-on-one day care or classroom support for a young child whose behavior is seriously disruptive or inappropriate or for a child experiencing school phobia
  • In-home behavior management and parental skills training for children and parents experiencing acute difficulties in areas of discipline, social skills and daily tasks , etc.

Children under 21 years of age and their families.

The child must be enrolled in the state’s Medical Assistance Program offered through the PA Dept. of Public Welfare. We can provide enrollment information.

The child and his or her family must choose to receive this service — BHRS cannot be mandated.

A psychiatrist or psychologist must evaluate and state that BHRS services are necessary to stabilize an acute situation.

Typically, a child for whom BHRS services are deemed necessary is a child who is receiving or who has received mental health services in the past, who is involved with other child-serving agencies, and who appears to need something more.


To make a referral, call our Outpatient & Intake Services office and ask for the Children’s Intake Coordinator.

Anyone can make a referral: school personnel, mental health professionals, family members, etc..


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