Clinical Wellness Recovery Team (CWRT)

The Clinical Wellness Recovery Team (CWRT) is a program aimed to help improve your physical and behavioral health care. Good physical health care and mental health care go hand in hand for overall good health. The CWRT team is here to support your health both physically and mentally. Our team consists of a registered nurse navigator and/or behavioral health navigator who work collaboratively with you to coordinate your care. Our team establishes communication with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) and Psychiatrist as well as any medical and behavioral health provider, treatment team member, and support system to help coordinate your care. Our team of navigators demonstrate a focus on interventions designed to coordinate your ongoing care. This could include helping you gain access to services, health and disease screening, and education regarding medications and diseases. Our navigators will act as health advocates to help you receive ongoing and appropriate care. They are able to support you in your home, at medical appointments and evaluations, and facilitate and advocate for medical follow-up when needed. In addition, some other services they are able to provide include: offering information and resources to you about help with tobacco cessation, exercise, dietary restrictions, and health maintenance. Our navigators provide health monitoring for you if you are being prescribed atypical antipsychotic medication. And, if you are having difficulty maintaining recommended treatment compliance, our navigators can help them work through barriers to adherence with your medical and behavioral health care.

Central Behavioral Health Brochure – CWRT


Individuals must be 18 years or older, have a serious mental illness (SMI) diagnosis as well as a chronic physical health problem, and live within eastern and central Montgomery County.  In addition, clients with medical assistance and insurance through Magellan will need to submit a recent psychiatric evaluation within the past year.


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