Family Based Services (FBS)

Central’s Family Based Services (FBS) program is designed to provide community based therapy and support services to children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems.  FBS provides therapy in a family’s home by a two-person team under the supervision of a Program Director.

Life can feel very challenging and frustrating at times when you are facing stress at work, home and within your family. We recognize that raising children is not an easy task and want to help you learn new strategies to better manage behavioral and emotional issues that are impacting your family. The goal of the program is to increase parents’ feelings of empowerment, effectiveness and self-efficacy while also increasing the emotional and behavioral stability of the children. The function of FBS is to assist families with maintaining their child in the home rather than in a psychiatric or residential facility.

Family members are encouraged to actively participate in assessment, treatment planning, development of treatment goals, and ongoing review of progress.  The child, family and FBS team work together to develop a plan that is individualized and designed to fit each family’s unique situation.

Central Behavioral Health Brochure – Family Based Services

Services include:
  • Intensive Family Therapy
  • 24/7 Crisis Management
  • Case Management Services
  • Advocacy for the family
  • Support Services

The identified client (child or young adult) must be 21 years or younger, at risk for out-of-home placement (juvenile detention, OCY, psychiatric hospitalization and residential placement), a Montgomery County resident, and have medical/behavioral health insurance coverage through Magellan. In addition, at least one parent or guardian must be willing to participate in the program and the child and family must be experiencing difficulties serious enough to warrant intervention from our Family Based Services program.


Family Services