Senior Outreach Services (SOS)

At Central, our Senior Outreach Services (SOS) team is supported by a psychiatrist, SOS Coordinator and licensed clinical social worker. The SOS team will  visit with you in your home to discuss how you are feeling and explore with you how best we can support your emotional needs.

  • Are you 60 years of age or older and struggling with mental health concerns?
  • Have you been diagnosed with dementia, depression, anxiety, paranoia or substance abuse and do not know where to turn for help?
  • Are you home-bound and unable to meet regularly with a psychiatrist or counseling therapist?

Central can help. Central’s SOS program supports seniors 60 year and older who are home-bound and struggling with mental health concerns. Our psychiatrist will work side by side with you in your home to manage your symptoms while working closely with the SOS Coordinator to connect you to services for support. Should you feel you would benefit from counseling, our licensed clinical social worker will meet with you in your home weekly or bi-weekly to provide you with counseling support. Our SOS team will help you create a network of community support and provide resources to the care givers in your life. SOS services are available in the Norristown and Abington areas of Pennsylvania.

For more information please contact Central’s Intake at:

(610) 279-9270